Exploration • Development • Enhancement • Well-Being

Psychotherapy is a process of exploration, development, and enhancement. Through exploration we gain perspective and knowledge. Development builds on our strengths, helping us adapt to our vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Through enhancement, we move beyond our prior capacities to new levels of well-being.

Each person approaches psychotherapy from a combination of wanting to explore, to develop, or to enhance something in their emotional life.  Many people seek out psychotherapy to learn how to manage emotional distress and the challenges in their life. Other individuals come to  psychotherapy in order to obtain the tools needed to expand beyond their current abilities, to enhance an already well developed life.

My goal is to help each person expand their capacity to master the elements of well-being. I feel that exploration, development, and enhancement are the fundamental elements of our natural growth process.  These elements are always active, throughout our entire life, in various ways and in various situations.

Additionally, there is a constant back and forth between all three of these growth elements.  For example, sometimes we may be exploring a new situation and come to recognize a need for additional growth and development; or, we may be working on enhancing a competence and realize we need to explore a previously unknown aspect of this part of our life. Through these experiences we learn that maintaining and developing well-being is a repeating process of exploration, development, and enhancement.

Not every facet of our life is in an equal position of well-being. Perhaps we are in a fully enhancing stage in our career, but grappling with exploring our relationships. Or, we may be highly accomplished in our thinking capacity, but are constantly held back by our lack of emotional intelligence. Each of us has a unique tapestry of the various elements of growth across the spectrum of our life.

  • Through exploration, we can gain a perspective on our resources and limits.
  • Through development we can build strength and resilience.
  • Through enhancement we can improve our ability to fulfill our desires and attain our goals.

This is the process of well-being.