Transition • Adaptation • Transformation • Transcending

Life’s challenging changes are passage-ways towards metamorphosis. 

Life Transitions evoke adaptation, that when experienced with compassion, can bring forth personal transformation. Often the needed compassion cannot be felt when alone, in isolation. Through an empathic relationship we obtain emotional support and a deeper appreciation of what we are going through. This increased understanding lets us view our challenges with compassion, leading to hope.

Transitions in life can trigger feeling a loss of meaning or purpose as we grapple with the unknown. This experience of not knowing how to make sense of things, what to do, or what to feel, is a natural response to profound change in our life. This feeling of being adrift is tied to a rupture in our connection to what had been a source of engagement. Vital engagement in life gives meaning and definition to who we are; it is how we come to feel like our-self in the world. Loss and sudden change ruptures this vital engagement leaving us feeling like we are no longer who we were and that what was meaningful is irretrievable lost to us.

Loss of engagement can arise from a sudden unexpected event or from an anticipated but profound life-stage event. The resulting loss of engagement is a painful challenge, requiring us to adapt and create new ways of being in the world. Over time new and vital engagements emerge, reflecting and enhancing our changed views of our-self and the world.

Through this process we can come to build new purpose and meaning throughout our life, in our relationships, in our career, in our spiritual development. In my many years of working with people going through profound changes in life, I have come to respect the enormous potential for metamorphosis existing at these periods of transition. True metamorphosis builds on our transient adaptation to change, transforming us through a new increased spiritual and conscious awareness, and new ways to flourish.